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A new bold appearance in Turkey (See Joseph Laycock, “Penitents Compete and the Future of Turkish Secularism,” Sightings, 11/16/09) ability be of absorption to all REAL wellness enthusiasts. The name is, of course, an English adaptation of the absolute appearance name, which is “Tövbekarlar Yarisiyor. Turkish television Kanal T (Channel T) created this bold wherein accurate believers of assorted religions try to catechumen atheists-in the time alloted for a individual show. What a benevolence we don’t get the arresting – I’d adulation to watch. For that matter, I’d adulation to be called as a adversary and be fair bold for conversion. What fun assessing the case fabricated for the religions.

In the Turkish bold show, the blandishments are put advanced by a Muslim imam, a Jewish rabbi, a Greek Orthodox priest and a Buddhist monk. All are tasked with acceptable to their ancillary the apperception (and soul, too, no doubt) of adversary infidels. Too bad Americans are not acceptable for the show. As a certified infidel, I’m analytical – which adoration would I aces in the advance of an hour-long show. Seems about the appropriate bulk of time bare to adjudge which, if any, adoration is appropriate for me. I’m cerebration the about-face attempts accept to be appealing able if managed in this time period.

It would be absorbing if a few atheists with whom I’m accustomed were accustomed the about-face analysis on the program. What adoration would Tom Flynn go for? Richard Dawkins? Sam Harris? Daniel Dennett? How about Christopher Hitchens? Any agnostic who adventures a about-face on the appearance wins an all-expense-paid crusade to a angelic website of his or her new faith.

That’s appropriate – by converting, the agnostic free-thinker gets an all-expense paid cruise to Mecca, Jerusalem or Tibet. Rome is not mentioned as a destination advantage in the annual accounts, so I accept no adumbrative of the Angelic Roman Catholic Church are included as about-face specialists in the Turkish appearance format.  No Mormons, either, and no Scientologists, Mennonites, Baptists or added sects. The appearance is bound to just the three noted-Turkey is clearly not big on assorted best religious bold shows.

Who comes up with annual like this? “The Penitents Compete” abstraction is the plan of  a Turkish transsexual called Seyhan Soylu, aswell a pop brilliant of some distinction. (See “Salvation at the end of a television show,” Asli Saglam, Hurriyet Daily News.com, 16 July 2009.) Ms. Soylu downplayed the cruise accolade for converts in media interviews, advertence that the adversary winners will get the better cost in the world, the allowance of accepting in God, abacus We don’t accept of anyone getting an atheist. God is abundant and it doesn’t bulk which adoration you accept in. The important affair is to believe. This, I’m sure, will appear as acceptable annual for followers of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and admirers of other, lesser-known faiths.

As you ability expect, there are supporters and critics of the show. Actuality are some of the anxiety expressed:

* Believers affirmation the affairs is aweless to religion. Hamza Aktan, the administrator of Turkey’s High Board of Religious Affairs, took this position: Adoration should not be a accountable for ball programs. It’s ablaze Mr. Aktan is not accustomed with television programming by American televangelists.

* Some atheists accept appropriate the fix is on – abandoned a weak-minded non-believer adversary could possibly appear about to accepting of the abnormal babble of any adoration at all, let abandoned carefully accomplish such a best during a bold show.

* How can the producers bouncer adjoin affected conversions? I myself would be tempted to acknowledge adherence to Buddha in adjustment to win a circuit to Tibet, provided that air biking was aboriginal chic (for two) and apartment were at atomic four if not 5 brilliant quality.

* How appear the appearance does not accommodate for the achievability that atheists ability catechumen one or added of the religious leaders-to infidelism? Isn’t turn-around fair enough? The converts to atheism could win a chargeless cruise to Las Vegas, with a acceptable amount annual to acquit costs of gambling, alcohol, brothel visits, nightclubs, band shows and overeating.

* Some atheists article that the apriorism of the appearance frames atheism as an unacceptable aesthetics to be overcome. Most atheists, at atomic in this country, accept acumen to accept that Christians embrace this appearance but continued ago absitively it was not consequential.

My appearance is that the appearance is a acceptable affair for Turkey and would be a hit here. Such a appearance and others like it (the aberration possibilities are intriguing) would activate added humans to advisedly altercate religion. Religion, like backroom and sex, is too generally not discussed at all for abhorrence of giving offense, annoying abuse or abhorrence accent accusations, or just breeding suspicions that anyone you apperceive and like is, in fact, a blood-soaked moron. As to the architecture of the Turkish appearance Penitents, no worries. Who cares if an agnostic converts to a adoration or converts anyone to adherence – it makes no aberration whatsoever in the admirable arrangement of things which, getting an infidel, I don’t accept in, either.

Happiness – that’s the thing. As Robert Green Ingersoll professed, “My canon is that beatitude is the abandoned good. The abode to be blessed is here. The time to be blessed is now. The way to be blessed is to accomplish others so.” If this bold appearance makes a few or a actor Turks happy, I’m for it. Just alive there’s a appearance like this, about out there, fabricated me blessed for at atomic ten minutes, and that’s appealing good.

Be well. Look on the ablaze side. Catechumen or be adapted as you like, but don’t canyon on the adventitious to accept a acceptable laugh. Isn’t abandon wonderful? (Rhetorical question.)

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